Doing your own celebrity costume

Doing your own celebrity costume can be easy, and when we are planning a circus performance, they can be very useful if we want to impress the spectators. The costumes are very important when we are performing. They are the first impression, so they must be high-quality. Now, let’s take a look at some ideas to do your own celebrity costume.  Continue reading “Doing your own celebrity costume”

Places to buy juggling balls

Hi again! Today I am going to tell you the best Places to buy juggling balls. You know how important it is purchasing high-quality equipment to perform our shows. And that’s why I am here to tell you the best places in the UK to buy juggling balls. Take a look and find out everything! Don’t forget to check our previous article about Harlequin and Clown costumes for adults.   Continue reading “Places to buy juggling balls”

Harlequin and Clown Costumes for adults

Are you looking for Harlequin and Clown Costumes for adults? You are maybe thinking about giving a clowns themed party, so you need to think in the circus themed entertainment too. To give a memorable party you must think about everything, and choosing the best costume is crucial. Make sure it is high-quality and beautiful. Take a look!  Continue reading “Harlequin and Clown Costumes for adults”