3 essential things for a clown costume

best 3 essential things for a clown costume

Check the 3 essential things for a clown costume and ensure you have everything you need to make a huge success in your clown show. You can also have a look at our previous posts, with great tips for clowns, such as costume shops in London and types of clowns for kids. I am sure they can be useful for you too. 

Dressing up as a clown may seem like an easy task, but the truth is that it requires some science. In fact, there are some things that are imperative for your costume to be complete. Do you know what these things are? Check it!

3 essential things for a clown costume: Make it awesome! 

The clown costumes are marked essentially by their bright colours, but you have to keep in mind some essential items, other than the suit itself. Let’s look at the 3 essential things for a clown costume. 

best 3 essential things for a clown costume


There are several types of clowns, but the typical clown needs to have its characteristic round red nose. The truth is that the nose gives a very cheerful and fun look to the clown, and just the fact that you bring it in the face causes you to start smiles from everyone around you.

There are several types of clown nose for sale, from plastic hold with an elastic, to more sophisticated ones, where the marks around them are almost imperceptible.

In that way, you can find clown noses at various prices, and according to your budget for that.


If the nose is one of the 3 essential things for a clown costume, what about giant shoes that clowns wear? In fact, all clowns wear very different shoes, which the more vibrant, big, and fun the better.

We always have to take into account that the goal of the clowns is to be fun and make fun. For this reason, all clowns should wear shoes that can be seen. Usually, they are red, and with the tip rounded, but they exist in several colours and shapes.

You can also find shoes of various prices and you have them at any costume shop in the UK. Just look for a store that pleases you, and preferably has all the 3 essential things for a clown costume so you be able to buy at one go.essential-things-for-a-clown-costume


The orange wig is a brand image of clowns. However the options, nowadays, are almost endless. You have wigs with curls, with a tip up, oranges, red, blue, green, with one or more colours. Anyway … You choose the type of wig you want to use, but you always have to wear one.

You can also easily find the wigs in any costume shop, so just take a look at one or another store to realise the wide variety that you have at your disposal.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and do not forget these 3 essential things for a clown costume, which will make all the difference if you want to make a great show!