The 5 best clown costumes

the 5 best clown costumes ideas

Hello there reader, in this article, we will talk to you about the 5 best clown costumes. These are costumes you can create for parties like Halloween, Mardi-Gras a special kid’s party with a clown theme. Are you thinking about a kids party? Have a look at these party venues. They are great! Do not forget to have a look at our previous posts, such as how to make an ironman cosplay and costume shops in London

We chose these ones because they are our favorites and we feel like children can relate to them, as well as the parents. It is not hard to make them and there is always fun in the making of it. As always, use your imagination and creativity when doing The 5 best clown costumes!

The 5 best clown costumes ever!

There are 5 clown costumes that stand out from all the others. At last for me, these are the best ones ever! Have a look and then let us know your feedback. Do you agree? Or do you prefer other ones?

the 5 best clown costumes ideas


The DC masterpiece. The supervillain of the Batman series. The Joker. Although he is a villain, with sociopathic tendencies, he is beloved by many readers and Dc fans around the world. And the face is not hard to do, at all! For the suit, you can use your imagination and do as you feel like it.

Harley Queen

The DC supervillain’s girlfriend, the Harley Queen has made its way into the fans hearts after the Suicide Squad movie. This is a special costume for girls, opposing the tendency of only masking boys as clowns. Girls can also have the fun when it comes to entering, for example, the 5 best clown costumes competition.

5 best clown costumes

Krusty the Clown

One of the Simpsons favorite characters, Krusty the Clown is also beloved by many of the Simpsons lovers – as ourselves -, and one of the best costumes. His attitude, “no fun at all” jokes and awesome voice makes him one of the best choices when it comes to clowns costumes. You can either dress yourself as him or dress your children if he knows him from the Simpsons series and likes him. By the way, you can dress as Sideshow Bob or Sideshow Mel.


Bozo is next on our The 5 best clown costumes list. Being one of the most beloved cartoon clowns, Bozo is a remembrance of many adults, teenagers, and kids. The costume is very easy to do, and the face paint is the best part because kids usually love to get their faces painted.


This clown is unknown for many but if we talk about the Modern Family TV Series, then we remember Cameron. Fizbo is the clown character he dresses like sometimes in order to entertain kids in parties. It can be good both to start watching the show and to have fun while dressing like him and telling people who he is.

This is our list, hope you enjoy it and have fun with one or all of The 5 best clown costumes.