Top 5 Famous Clowns

Do you know the Top 5 Famous Clowns? Here are the best ever clowns throughout the world, and follow their example of determination and hard work. If you’re starting as a clown see our articles about the origin of the circus clowns and the best Harlequin and Clown Costumes for adults. Also, follow our upcoming publications. They might help a lot in your conquest by the world of the circus! Continue reading “Top 5 Famous Clowns”

The origin of the circus clowns

The origin of the circus clowns dates back to XVIII century, in England where appeared the first modern circus with clowns and acrobats. In fact. since the modern circus exist clowns always have been part of the circus, and no one imagines a circus without clowns. And they are the main attractions from the modern circus.  Continue reading “The origin of the circus clowns”