Some Clown gags for Children party

Some Clown gags for Children party best ones

Hello there dear reader! Looking for Some Clown gags for Children party? Well, search no more because you have found what you need. Do not forget to also read some of our previous posts, such as the 5 best clown costumes and how to make an ironman cosplay

We have decided to write an article about some of the best gags clowns usually do to entertain kids at parties. Some Clown gags for Children party best ones

These can be done on any occasion, dressed as a clown or as the father, mother, brother or grandpa!

It is wonderful for parties though, entertaining kids with the unique numbers of clowns – the pros of entertainment.

Some Clown gags for Children party – The best ones!

So if you are intending to throw a party with clowns or to be a clown in some party, here are some Some Clown gags for Children party:

The pie in the face

This is the traditional gag of physical comedy that has been appreciated for years and years in shows and cartoons.

It is about a dialogue between two persons, one of them being the clown, and a question is asked.

And because this is arranged and rehearsed, the person wrongly answers to question, suffering the consequences.

This is when the Clown takes the pie and throws it in the face of the other. Classic! This is sure to make all the kids in the place laugh out loud.

Are not people laughing? Do not worry! 

Some Clown gags for Children party are ok, some might be seen as not funny.

It all depends on the taste of the audience, their sense of humor. So when performing a clown gag, don’t worry if you don’t get laughs of all them, or if you are even booed! It is all part of the experience.

Some Clown gags for Children

Flowers with water

There is, of course, the gag of the flowers with water. This is one of those accessories you can buy at any magic store around the neighborhood.

All you need to do is to put it on your suit and fill the reservoir with water.

Some Clown gags for Children party are similar to this one. You can ask for a volunteer or do this with the same person who took the pie to the face.

Sometimes a number is good when it maintains the same actors. As the victim smells the flower, he takes a jet of water in the face, making all of the presents laugh!

This are just some of the gags there are in the world of clowning, but there is much to this acts when you use your imagination and creativity. These are not all, just Some Clown gags for Children party.