Costume shops in London


Looking for Costume shops in London? In this post, you are going to find some great ones! Enjoy some of the best costume shops to make a huge success in your party in London. You can also do your costume, but if you want to buy the costumes already finished, check here the best shops. You can find some great clothes! 

There are some great costume shops in London where you can find a huge variety of fancy dresses. Halloween is coming, so you must be prepared for it.

Best costume shops in London


Are you looking for some great costumes for Halloween? Or maybe to your themed party? If so, have a look at the best costume shops in Londonbest costume shops in london

This store is perfect for colourful fancy dresses. They offer you a huge range of costumes, so you will find what you are looking for, I am sure.
This store is located on Chalk Farm Rd and it is open until 7 pm.
Angels Fancy Dress
One of the oldest costume shops, offering its fancy dresses for more than 170 years, the Angels Fancy Dress in a great option for who is looking for an unique costume.
It is located on Shaftesbury Ave and it is open until 7 pm.
Party Superstores
This is not just a costume shop, but a party store, where you can find a lot of party supplies, and a huge outlet for fancy dresses and accessories as well.
It is located on Lavender Hill and it is open until 7 pm. costume-shop-in-london
Carnival Store UK Ltd
If you are looking for cheap costumes, this is the perfect place for you. You can find costumes sales, as well as accessories, such as face paints, temporary tattoos, masks and wigs.
It is located on Hammersmith Rd and it is open until 7 pm.
So High Soho Ltd.
They offer you a huge range of costumes and party gear. If you are looking for Venetian masks or burlesques outfits, this is the perfect costume shop for you!
Visit it on Berwick St until 6 pm.
Prangsta Costumiers
They have a lot of costumes for its customers. This shop has circus outfits, as well as historical figures, vintage burlesque outfits that you can buy, or hire. So, if you don’t want to buy a costume, this is the perfect costume store for you!
You can visit it on New Cross Rd until 7 pm. costume-shops-london
Mad World Fancy Dress Hire
Mad World Fancy Dress Hire is one of the best costume shops in London. They have a full outlet for fancy dresses that you can hire by the week. You find from superheroes costumes to vegetables and fruits outfits. Is not it great?
It is located on Tabernacle Street, but the entrance is on Singer St, and it is open until 7 pm.
Mad World Costume Hire
This costume store offers you more than 35,000 costumes to hire, so it is difficult not to find the one we are looking for.
Have a look at it on Charing Cross Underground Station Shopping Concourse until 7 pm.
Hope you find what you need at one of these costume shops in London. Have a lot of fun this Halloween!