Doing your own celebrity costume

Doing your own celebrity costumes ideas

Doing your own celebrity costume can be easy, and when we are planning a circus performance, they can be very useful if we want to impress the spectators. The costumes are very important when we are performing. They are the first impression, so they must be high-quality. Now, let’s take a look at some ideas to do your own celebrity costume. 

Some celebrities are excellent to create a circus act. Caricaturing a celebrity always pull lots of laughter from adults and children. And do not worry, you will not spend so much money! Look!

Doing your own celebrity costume – Some Ideas! 


Doing your own celebrity costume can be easy and fun, and this is an excellent option to save some money too! I selected some celebrities who are very known by the public. Let’s see how you can do your costume! Doing your own celebrity costumes ideas

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is an icon in Hollywood, and there is no one who does not know her! First, you need to buy a platinum blonde wig, short, with some snails. You can find it in most of the costumes stores.

Then use a white “v” dress-neck like she wears in the “The Seven Year Itch.” movie. If you prefer a sportier version of Marilyn Monroe, opt for a pair of tapered legs trousers and a tight sweater.

To complete the look, paint the lips with a red lipstick, and do not forget the black liquid eyeliner.

Doing your own celebrity costume couldn’t be easier, right?

Angelina Jolie

Buy a long brown wig, or black. Use a tight black dress, a long necklace, long earrings and bracelets. Angelina Jolie is well known for the accessories.

She was also famous for her thick lips. So use a lip liner for them look bigger than they really are. She also often uses the smoky eyes.

As she has several children, you can use cuddly, or put on the chest a baby sling.Doing your own celebrity costumes idea

Bret Michaels

Use a tight and ripped jeans. Complete the look with a t-shirt . He is known for his band, as well as the various reality shows. For this reason, make your own t-shirt. Buy a simple white t-shirt and paint it with fabric markers.

Another feature is his long blond hair, always wearing a bandanna tied on his head. Add a cowboy hat and temporary tattoos.

Don’t you think Doing your own celebrity costume is fun and easy?

Flavor Flav

Use a wide T-shirt and baggy jeans on the hips. This will be the basis of your Flavor Flav costume. The rapper was known for his group Public Enemy, and various reality shows.

He always wears a clock around his neck. For this reason, make a fake watch of cardboard and attach a cord. If you want to be funny, buy a plastic wall clock and put it a cord.

To finish the look, use a baseball cap sideways, buy a fake gold teeth. It will be super fun!

Well, did you like our ideas? As you can see it can be very fun and they are super easy to do. Doing your own celebrity costume couldn’t be easier!