Getting the correct hat size

Get the correct hat size

Getting the correct hat size influence on your well-being while wearing it. It is very important to know to choose the right size of your hat so that you can do everything without the hassle of having the hat falling, or too tight. Check also our previous posts about popular costumes and their props and types of clowns for kids

The hat size depends directly on how much measures your head. So when you choose a hat, measure the diameter of your head in order to know what the right size for your hat.

Getting the correct hat size: Find your hat size

Getting the correct hat size is super easy, and you can find the perfect one for you following these simple steps. Take a look and find your hat size.

Measuring head is as much an art as a science. But luckily there are much more difficult things to learn!

The only thing you need is a tape measure or a rope.

So follow these steps when you’re getting the correct hat size.Getting the correct hat size easily

  1. Take the tape measure, place it around the head (about 7/8 “above the ear), fully encircling the head.
  2. Hold the tape firmly but do not overtighten or you may measure less few millimeters.
  3. See how much measures, and where your measures fall.

Getting the correct hat size: correlation table

SMALL size – 6 3/4 – 6 7/8; 21 1/8 “- 21 1/2”; 54 cm – 55 cm
MEDIUM size – 7-7 1/8; 21 7/8 “- 22 1/4”; 56 cm – 57 cm
LARGE size – 7 1/4 – 3/8 7; 22 5/8 “- 23”; 58 cm – 59 cm
X-LARGE size – 7 1/2 – 5/8 7; 23 1/2 “- 23 7/8”; 60 cm – 61 cm
XX-LARGE size – 7 3/4 – 7/8 7; 24 1/4 “- 24 5/8”; 62 cm – 63 cm

This is the most appropriate method. But you can use the comparison too. Check!

Getting the perfect hat sizeCOMPARE

Though it is not so accurate, the comparison method can be quite valid to determine the size of the hat.

The only thing you need to do is try a hat and check its size. If you do not have a hat, you can try hats in stores that sell them.

Although the sizes can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, usually they follow the rules I passed you earlier, which are universal measures.

Now that you know how to find the right size for the hat, you are already able to buy one that suits you perfectly.

Do not forget also that the type of hat to wear is determined by your face shape. Here are some tips:Get the correct hat size

  • Rectangular: cloche style, tilted fedoras or floppy hats.
  • Oval: can use just about anything, but if you have delicate features, look for classic styles with smaller flaps that accentuate the face.
  • Round: structured hats, wide-brimmed, angular styles, cloche hats or fedoras style.
  • Triangular / Pear: higher hat and a small flap.
  • Square: cloche hat, hats with large, soft flaps, flaps facing up and round or curved high hats.

Did you like our post? I am sure now you are ready to find the perfect hat for you! Hope I have helped you getting the correct hat size!