How to make an Ironman Cosplay

How to make an Ironman Cosplay complete guide

Hello dear Reader, ever wondered How to make an Ironman Cosplay? Well, you are not the only person wondering about it since the robotic superhero made its way into fans hearts all over the globe. Let’s learn how to make this cosplay in this post. And what about a Frozen party? This one is great! Do not forget to have a look at our previous posts, such as where to buy a clown costume in London or 3 essential things for a clown costume. They might be useful for you too. 

Tony Stark’s magnificent creation is one of the most beloved characters and wanted suits Marvel Comics has brought to life, both on paper comics and in giant screens of cinemas.

How to make an Ironman Cosplay complete guide

In this article, we have some ideas on how to build an Ironman cosplay out of cardboard that we will give you so that you can try it both for you and your children – fun as no age limit.

How to make an Ironman Cosplay: Step by step

What you can do for the clothes is to take a white sweater. It may be an old one, doesn’t need to be a brand new one since you are going to paint it.

You shall paint it red and yellow, according to the original suit, but not too complex. Then you pick up cardboard boxes, reshape them and paint them with the matching shapes and colors of the body parts.  Now you have yourself the armored arms, shoulders, back and chest.

how to make iron man cosplay step by stepThe Chest is tricky, here is what you can do: using a big cardboard, cut a big triangle that, when upside down, is the length of your shoulder and goes until the belly button.

Do the same for the back and make sure both these parts match in size with the shoulders when you glue them to the sweater.

Then, you can draw a circle and paint it with fluorescent light, in order to create the heart of ironman – which is the heart of How to make an Ironman Cosplay.

For the legs, you can use cardboard boxes with the shapes of the kneepads, a red scarf – or painted red – with cardboard shaped like armor for the waistband. And you can use the same method to make some cardboard armored shoes to put on with the regular shoes. This will make it better for your kid to walk with it.

For the Helmet, the hardest part, we can give you some hints:

  • Use Cardboard to make the back of the head and shin, with the geometric shape;
  • Draw the face (forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks and mouth) in a cardboard, with a shape that matches the first part;
  • Glue it on the edges and let it dry;
  • Do not glue the mouth so that it is possible to breathe with the helmet on.

You can use every kind of materials you feel like and give wings to your imagination. Give it your best shot and send us your best pic. We hope you enjoyed our article on How to make an Ironman Cosplay.