Jim Henson’s Most Famous Puppets

Meet the Jim Henson's Most Famous Puppets

James Maury “Jim” Henson was born in Greenville, Mississippi on September 24, 1936 and died in New York on May 16, 1990. This man was the creator and manipulator of the Muppets dolls. Meet the Jim Henson’s Most Famous Puppets. Also, have a look at some of our previous posts, such as Some Clown gags for children party or The 5 best clown costumes

Jim began his career as a puppet manipulator when he launched the children’s show, Sam and His Friends along with his collaborator and fiancee, Jane Nebel Henson.

Meet Jim Henson’s Most Famous Puppets

Meet the Jim Henson's Most Famous Puppets

It was in this series that first appeared the Kermit frog, Jim Henson’s most famous character of all. In this program also appeared other famous puppets. In fact, the Jim Henson’s Most Famous Puppets, like the Sam, Yorick or harry. This series was exhibited until 1961 produced by WRC-TV NBC 4.

After the great success of the program, Jim decided to open his own company to create puppets. The company is named Muppets, Inc., later Henson Associates, Inc .; then Jim Henson Productions, and nowadays The Jim Henson Company.

His Muppets characters have participated in some famous shows, such as the Jimmy Dean Show (Rowlf dog) and the Ed Sullivan Show.

Sesame Street

In 1968, the now known Sesame Workshop created in partnership with Muppets, Inc. a program for children and young people called Sesame Street. This program was a huge success. So much so that it has been adapted to many countries around the world.

Jim Henson's Most Famous Puppets - big birdIn this program enter some of Jim Henson’s Most Famous Puppets. The best known is the Big Bird. Who does not remember him? So many joys, smiles, laughs, that he managed to pull off when we were children …

In it also appears Ernie and Guy Smile. It is incredible that, remembering all these characters, brings me a lot of my childhood, and with it the nostalgia of being an adult today. I miss the time when I sat on the sofa in front of the television watching Sesame Street.

At 76, Muppets, Inc, in partnership with ATV / ITC Entertainment, produced a show that was a huge success: The Muppet Show. Here are also some of Jim Henson’s Most Famous Puppets: Fozzie, Rizzo, Miss Piggy, and Kermit. These received special guests, such as George Burns, Elton John and Madeline Kahn.

Jim Henson was a man of great projects, and with him many characters invaded television. In fact, a brilliant man, whom the world had the happiness of knowing. The children lived happier because of him, and I even. I just have to thank you for all the moments he gave me.

Surely it also gave you great moments of joy and happiness. I hope you have enjoyed, as I did, to remember Jim Henson’s Most Famous Puppets.