Jokes and tricks for kids

best jokes and tricks for kids

Have a look at these great jokes and tricks for kids and make all children cry from laughing so hard! You might also like to read our previous posts, such as entertainment for party venues with games and portable materials for clown performances. I am sure they can be useful for you too. Now let’s see some great tricks and jokes. 

There are some tricks to tell jokes. Yes! It is true! We do not born knowing to tell jokes, much less born knowing how to tell jokes that make laugh whole auditorium.

So, we have some tips to give you that I am sure will help you with these jokes and tricks for kids. 

Jokes and tricks for kids: Tips


Do not you know tell jokes? Do not be discouraged! You can learn! The only secret to tell jokes is training.

And the only way to train to tell jokes is precisely telling jokes, as many times as necessary for someone to laugh. And it is precisely at this time that someone laughs that we realize if she laughed because the joke was really good, or rather, it was too jokes and tricks for kids

Another secret is to always believe that the joke that will count is good. This is crucial so that the laughs are on the way.

When you tell a joke, make it as telling a story. Just learn the joke has a sequence and an ending that surprises. The idea is that while you tell the joke, the spectators become imagining the story, along with you.

Now, check some great  jokes and tricks for kids.


Who is married?

Johnny question for his teacher:
– Three women were eating ice cream, which one was married?
The teacher replies: – I do not know who is?
– The one was using the marriage ring, says Johnny.

How many remains?

Johnny came to school, and when the teacher saw him asked:
– In a tree there were three birds, they shot the tree and he hit a bird, how many are left?
– It was just a bird.
– Why one, Johnny?
– Just the one have died … The others fled, right?jokes and tricks kids


In the classroom the teacher says:
– Who wants to be donkey stand up!
So Johnny was the one to get up.
The teacher said:
– Do you find yourself donkey Little Johnny?
Johnny replied,
– Well … actually, no. But I was sorry to see you standing there alone!

Check some other great jokes and tricks for kids.

Impossible knot

  • Ask a child to tie a knot in the scarf and without drop the ends.
  • After he tired of trying, you can show how to do the trick: cross your arms and grab each end of the scarf with each hand, keeping your arms folded.
  • Then go uncrossing your arms slowly.
  • When the arms are uncrossed, the scarf will have a knot without having loosened the tips!

This is just an example of an excellent trick you can present to kids in a party or another event. I am sure they will love these jokes and tricks for kids.