Famous Clowns: Lou Jacobs

Today we are going to present you one of the most Famous Clowns: Lou Jacobs. Jacobs, a clown auguste, represented, among other characters, the Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Circus for more than 60 years. In 1989 he managed to enter the International Clown Hall of Fame and is to this day known for popularizing the clown car. See everything about him in this article. See also other famous clowns, such as Marcel MarceauContinue reading “Famous Clowns: Lou Jacobs”

Portable materials for clown performances

Looking for Portable materials for clown performances? Do you know all the materials you need for clown performances? We are going to give you a complete guide. Also, have a look at our previous posts about popular costumes and their props and getting the correct hat size. They can be useful too.  Continue reading “Portable materials for clown performances”

Entertainment for party venues with games

Looking for Entertainment for party venues with games? We are going to give you some great ideas to ensure you party entertainment. I am sure all your guests will have lots of fun with our suggestions. Take a look at this page and find some great kids party venues in Liverpool. Also, have a look at some of our previous posts, such as doing your own celebrity costume or types of clowns for kidsContinue reading “Entertainment for party venues with games”

Getting the correct hat size

Getting the correct hat size influence on your well-being while wearing it. It is very important to know to choose the right size of your hat so that you can do everything without the hassle of having the hat falling, or too tight. Check also our previous posts about popular costumes and their props and types of clowns for kids Continue reading “Getting the correct hat size”

Popular costumes and their props

Hi there! This week we are going to talk about popular costumes and their props. You know that everybody love costumes, and there is nothing like a costume party, is not it? Read this post and find everything! Don’t forget to read also our posts about Harlequin and Clown costumes for adults and doing your own celebrity costumeContinue reading “Popular costumes and their props”

Marcel Marceau or Bip the Clown

Marcel Marceau or Bip the Clown was one of the best clowns ever, and he is remembered until nowadays for the great job Marcel Marceau did! Take a look at this post and find everything about this great man and clown! Also, take a look at our previous posts about Top 5 famous clowns and The origin of the circus clownsContinue reading “Marcel Marceau or Bip the Clown”

Types of clowns for kids

Do you know the different Types of clowns for kids? That’s right! You can find several types of clowns, and that’s what we are going to tell you today! You can find them in the origin of the circus clowns, and you can also find some differences between the Top 5 famous Clowns, but with time going by, there are even more types appearing. Check the best ones for your magic parties for kids Continue reading “Types of clowns for kids”

Top 5 Famous Clowns

Do you know the Top 5 Famous Clowns? Here are the best ever clowns throughout the world, and follow their example of determination and hard work. If you’re starting as a clown see our articles about the origin of the circus clowns and the best Harlequin and Clown Costumes for adults. Also, follow our upcoming publications. They might help a lot in your conquest by the world of the circus! Continue reading “Top 5 Famous Clowns”

Doing your own celebrity costume

Doing your own celebrity costume can be easy, and when we are planning a circus performance, they can be very useful if we want to impress the spectators. The costumes are very important when we are performing. They are the first impression, so they must be high-quality. Now, let’s take a look at some ideas to do your own celebrity costume.  Continue reading “Doing your own celebrity costume”

Places to buy juggling balls

Hi again! Today I am going to tell you the best Places to buy juggling balls. You know how important it is purchasing high-quality equipment to perform our shows. And that’s why I am here to tell you the best places in the UK to buy juggling balls. Take a look and find out everything! Don’t forget to check our previous article about Harlequin and Clown costumes for adults.   Continue reading “Places to buy juggling balls”