Portable materials for clown performances

materials for clown performances

Looking for Portable materials for clown performances? Do you know all the materials you need for clown performances? We are going to give you a complete guide. Also, have a look at our previous posts about popular costumes and their props and getting the correct hat size. They can be useful too. 

Clowns use several portable materials to support their performances, but there are some that they usually use.

However, it must be said that what the clowns really need is their jokes, charisma and stage presence. These are the basic requirements to be a clown. The rest are only materials that provide some support for them. Here are some that may be widely used in clown sketches.

Best Portable materials for clown performancesbest Portable materials for clown performances

Portable materials for clown performances can be very useful in your sketches, and they allow you to recreate a sketch and create new ones. 

Today, with the technology that exists, one or the other equipment can make a difference, like a machine that shoots a voice with different shades. Imagine the clown move from Shakira’s voice to the voice of Elvis Presley in question fractions of seconds.

Well, the hypotheses are varied, and the offers are increasing.

Obviously, we will not name them all in this article, because the options are almost endless. It all depends on the imagination of the clown.Portable materials for clown performance

Also, note that the utensils used are also dependent on the type of clown. As you know, and if you do not know you can see in the previous articles of this blog, there are several types of the clown and each with a different approach. Therefore the Portable materials for clown performances will be different.

So, let’s see the materials that are more used.

Balls to juggle

The juggling balls are some of the materials most used by clowns. There are several sketches of clowns with juggling balls. Sketches with one, two, three, or even four clowns. The imagination takes clowns to where they want and using these juggling balls the options are almost endless.

Balloons to make animals

Today this art is known as Balloon Modelling. Although there are specialists artists to make animal balloons, many years ago that the clowns are dedicated to making people laugh with these balloon animals. So if you want to please a few kids in the audience, try to buy balloons that serve to model.materials for clown performances


The chair is also used in many sketches. So worth always have a seat on his show, will not need it unexpectedly! Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important Portable materials for clown performances. 

Large suitcase

Do you ever see a clown trying to put another in a suitcase? Surely you have seen, is not it? This is one of the funniest sketches of clowns. And so a suitcase can not miss a show of clowns.

The suitcase is also a way to transport other materials, and removing them during the show, as you need them (scarves, horns, among many other items).

Do you know any other Portable materials for clown performances? Just let us know and we will be happy for updating this post.