Preparing for a Disney Frozen Event

preparing for a Disney frozen party

What about giving a Frozen themed party? Check how preparing for a Disney Frozen event can be fun and easy! Also, check our ideas from our previous posts, such as entertainment for party venues with games and doing your own celebrity costume. I am sure you will love it. Then have a look at some frozen cakes ideas. 

You are thinking about giving your little angel a party, and you know she loves the Frozen movie, so that is the theme you chose for the best party ever thrown in the world, and I am here to guide you through this wonderful experience that is preparing for a Disney frozen event.

Preparing for a Disney Frozen event: Make it Unforgettable! 


The first thing you need to think of is how many guests you will invite in order to know how many meals you are serving, if the place you thought at first is big enough to fit all your friends and family, and how many invitations you will need to send when preparing for a Disney frozen event.preparing for a Disney frozen party


Now that you know how many people you want to invite, think if the place you want your party to be is big enough, if not, think of another location before proceeding. Done? Good!


Look for a shop that will print out your invitations, you can use Frozen themed invitations in order to introduce your guests to the theme of the party and that way they can dress accordingly if you or they want to do so.

When the invitations are sent, now you have to remind yourself , maybe write down on your calendar to call the guests about a week, 4 days before the party to confirm their presence.preparing Disney frozen event


Now let’s go to the not so fun part, buying supplies when preparing for a Disney frozen event. Yes, it is amusing to go shopping, but paying is not so fun, right? We all know the feeling. But know that you can do most of the decor at home with recycled items.

Apart from those, you really need to buy the things you need.


About the cake, you should order it 15 days before the party because if it is something hard to do, you should give some time. Or you can be very brave and do it yourself.

There are plenty of instructional videos on YouTube, extremely detailed that gives you a perfect explanation of what you need to do step by step.preparing a Disney frozen event


After having your space decorated and everything going as expected think whether you should hire professional entertainers to play Anna and Elsa from Frozen to make your Frozen themed party even more realistic and fun!


As for the meals, think of something healthy, always. You should remember that there will be kids, maybe pregnant and breastfeeding women.preparing for a Disney frozen event tips


Get the Disney Frozen film soundtrack to play during the party and there you have it, the best party ever thrown in the whole world, and only for your little angel.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that is was helpful for you, please give me your feedback so I know what are your thoughts on preparing for a Disney Frozen event.