Types of clowns for kids

clowns for kids

Do you know the different Types of clowns for kids? That’s right! You can find several types of clowns, and that’s what we are going to tell you today! You can find them in the origin of the circus clowns, and you can also find some differences between the Top 5 famous Clowns, but with time going by, there are even more types appearing. Check the best ones for your magic parties for kids

There are 3 major types of clowns: Whiteface, Auguste, and Tramp. These were the first type of clown to appear, and then came the character clown.

Currently, these 4 types of clown are the only ones to enter the competitions. But there are more, and some of them targeted for children. Let’s know a little more about clowns, and particularly about Types of clowns for kids. 

All Types of clowns for kids


First of all, let’s see how you can differ all the types of clowns, so we can choose the best ones for kids. different Types of clowns for kids


These clowns are the best for children. They have their whole body covered with makeup and funny clothes. Usually, they start to cover the face and neck with white paint, then add details like the red nose, wigs, and so on.

Some people still divide this category into three subgroups:

The Neat Whiteface – This type of clown paints small features using red or black, and his clothes have colour coordinated as well.

The Grotesque, or Comedy, Whiteface – This clown wears make-up with a wide variety of colours and uses very fancy clothes.

European Whiteface clown – This type of clowns has a make-up with delicate features, use a cap to appear bald, and have very flashy clothes.


Auguste clown usually paints white around the eyes and mouth, and the rest of the face is painted with flesh colour. Usually, they use an imitation nose , and may, or not, paint their lower lip of red and black colours. They can also use a coloured wig, or the top part bald .

The clothes are very bright, and usually quite large. They are very clumsy clowns, and for this reason are among the types of clowns for kids.Types of clowns for children


This clown was inspired by the homeless people in the late nineteenth century. He uses white paint around the mouth, and can also use to paint near the eyes. They also have a painted artificial beard and wear a tattered or patched clothing.

He can be sad or happy, being able to make juggling, magic, skating, among lots of other things.


This type of clowns you only find in competitions and is characterised by his costumes depicting a particular occupation, hobby, or character-type.


This kind of clowns is very funny for children. They combine the art of mime with clowning. Usually, they use a mime style make-up. Mercel Marcau was the Clown Mime best known ever.

clowns for kids

You still have more types of clowns for kids:

  • Ice Skating Clown – Kurt Browning is the best ice skating clown now performing.
  • Caring Clowns – This type of clowns are those who go to hospitals entertain the children and also, go to nursing homes. They are specialised in entertaining people with magic, puppet shows, juggling, and music.
  • Multicultural Clowns – Each culture has its kind of clowns. So there are plenty of them around the world!

Do you already know what kind of clown you will hire for your child’s party? Follow our tips and choose the best  types of clowns for kids!