Where to buy a Clown Costume in London

Where to buy Clown Costume in London

Do you know Where to buy a Clown Costume in London? No? Here you will find the best stores to buy a clown costume in London. Check! Also, have a look at some of our previous posts, such as 3 essential things for a clown costume and costume shops in London

Having a great clown costume can be the key of success, so you must ensure you buy an awesome one. It is very important that you purchase a high-quality costume so you can bright since you enter the room.

Where to buy a Clown Costume in London? Best shops

Knowing Where to buy a Clown Costume in London can make all difference when you are purchasing one. There are several costume shops all over the town, and that’s why it is so important you know the best stores.

Where to buy Clown Costume in London

Saving time and getting a great costume are just two of the advantages of going to the best shops, and that’s why we are telling you Where to buy a Clown Costume in London.

Have a look and have a great time shopping!


This is one of the best fancy shops in London and it also has clown costumes.

It is located on 45-46 Chalk Farm Rd, Camden Town, London NW1 8AJ, near to Castlehaven Open Space.

They have everything you need to buy a complete clown costume, and they offer you high-quality ones. The prices are good, so do not forget to visit this store when you are purchasing your costume.

Stitchin Business

They are based in North London (Finsbury Park / Holloway area), and they offer you great clown costumes, and some other great costumes too.

If you need a costume to be screen accurate and you do not know Where to buy a Clown Costume in London, Stitchin Business is the perfect place. They offer you costumes for small productions, cosplayers, and many others. 

Stitchin Business even have made Katy Perry whilst in the UK, so the quality is guaranteed.

Where to buy a Clown Costume in London best stores

Carnival Store

This is one of the best costume stores in London, and the prices are just great, especially if you do not have a lot of money to spend.

They hire and sell quality fancy dress costumes, including clown costumes, and accessories as well. The shops are situated in West Kensington.

They have a dedicated team working from Monday to Saturday, from 10 am until 7 pm.

Since 1952, when the store was established by Dmitri Stephanides, they offer you great fancy dress costumes, and over the last 60 years they have built up a great reputation for selling a huge range of accessories and costumes.

So, if you are thinking about hiring or purchasing a clown costume, these are the three best stores located in London.

However, you have many other options, so it is possible you find one great shop in London apart these three. So, if you know another great shop, just let us know. We will love to share with our other readers who want to know Where to buy a Clown Costume in London


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